1. Almost Home


Dark day in December and I'm trying to remember
That time keeps moving faster,
Passing like a river everyday.
Well, nothing lasts forever, but I'm tired of colder weather
So I'm heading down to Texas
Find something to warm my broken heart.

Well I'm on my own,
But I'm almost home.

At exit 94 I had to stop to get directions to a place I'd been before,
Somewhere I'd forgotten long ago.
Wheels keep on turning even though I'm tired and broken,
And I'm jealous of these dashes.
At least they have some friends to call their own.

Well, I'm on my own,
But I'm almost home.

Well, I'm looking for some answers,
And this road don't ask no questions.
She just keeps me company.
Somehow she can see that's all I need.
I keep hoping when it's over that I'll know just where I'm going,
But as I keep on driving;
I'm finding that the journey is all I need.

Well, I'm all alone,
But I'm home.